Are you more of a self study or 1:1 kind of girl?

Don’t worry, we are ready to support you either way!

Attract Extraordinary Love
VIP Program

Attract Extraordinary Love

VIP Program

You’re ready to find your soulmate. To heal your heart, and be open to attracting your ideal match!

Lasting love starts with you. Attract Extraordinary Love teaches you to love yourself on a deeper level and be empowered to fall in love again!

There is a version of you who is fulfilled, supported and empowered by her ideal match! The version that walks hand in hand on a sunset beach…the one that has uncomfortable, yet necessary conversions and is met with compromise, love and compassion.

Yes! It’s all possible!


The Attract Extraordinary Love VIP Program teaches you to not only attract your ideal match, but how to hold a long and loving relationship!

With your own private love coach, a private community, weekly Q&A sessions with Christine and even a monthly ‘man’s perspective’ with Steve, we surround you to support alongside the program to make your love story….our love story

Attract Extraordinary Love

Self Study

So you’re ready for love, but you prefer to work at your own pace…Self Study is for you!


We understand that love is intimate and sacred. That’s why we designed our self study program, to support you in a way that allows you the freedom and safety to explore and create your ideal match.

Alongside the program that has empowered 100s of women to find their true love match, you are also matched with a support sister, a private community and access to coaching with Christine and the Attract Extraordinary Love team!

The Truth is...


If you want to find the love of your life and experience extraordinary…

Come and learn more about how our programs can be the catalyst to your love story!