You Say You Want Extraordinary Love

If I told you that you were going to meet a guy tonight that was going to end up being your LIFE PARTNER and that from tonight on, your life was going to change in more ways than you can imagine, how would it make you feel? Are you over the top excited and 100% ready for all the unknown that is going to come with this wonderful man or do you feel fear, discomfort, resistance and the need to know HOW your life is going to change, WHAT emotions you will feel, and EXACTLY WHO this person is? Is he really going to be WORTH my time? Am I going to be HURT again? Can I TRUST this man? Will I be HAPPY with him??

Remember – Your thoughts determine your reality. If you were like, “YES!!! I’m so READY! I’m going to be the most amazing partner to this man. He is going to be so lucky to have me, I can’t wait to meet him and begin our new life together!!”, then, you are in a good place. If your thoughts went sideways and you began to doubt, feel nervous, uncertain, skeptical and you had thoughts similar to those I listed above…then we have a problem, and a very clear visual as to why you are single!

You say you want love, but are you really prepped for what it takes from you to nurture extraordinary love? I know this to be true because I used to say how ready I was, how much I wanted love, and to get married, but my dating results were PROOF that I wasn’t. It showed up in the men I chose, the excuses I came up with, the flaws I sought after and the behavior I accepted. ALL which led me to being chronically single.  

It wasn’t that I didn’t meet great men. I could have been with many of the men of my past. It was that I wasn’t emotionally mature yet, my past was defining who I was and life had taken a pounding on my self-esteem. I was letting fear of the unknown and my low worth rule my life. As ready as I thought I was, I really had no idea I had THAT much power and influence over my love life be it good, or bad.

But I did.

 I was 100% responsible for my life-long love story. I chose it.

I had to do some work on myself, move past my past, shift my mindset and belief system and learn, learn, learn.

And then it clicked! The CERTAINTY that I was ready and that I was going to meet him overcame all doubt. No more wishing, wondering or hoping – I KNEW.

Then I met him. In 6 weeks! After being “bad at love” for 40 years!!!!!! That is the POWER that lies within you that I want to bring out and show you! I want you to know that you can do this too!

So, let me ask you, are you ready to overcome your invisible barriers to love that are blocking you from connecting with your love partner? Are you ready to make love your number one priority? Are you ready to be coachable and to try something different when it comes to dating and finding love? Are you ready to meet the one?

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If you are saying that you want love you are in the ideal place to find love – think about all those women out there who are claiming they don’t want to meet a man right now. You are in a different place than them! We just need to tweak you a little and set you down the right path!

Now is your time – you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This training is the best first step for you to take control of your love life and create the success you desire with an amazing man!

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