It was hard to believe that on my 40th birthday, I had broken up with a total time waster of a boyfriend and only a year later I married the MOST amazing man I have ever met!

How did I go from single at 40 to happily married at 41? I invested my energy, money and time in learning how to get love right the year before I turned 40.

Meeting men has never been a problem, but choosing good ones and nurturing a healthy relationship was. I could have met 100 more men but without learning how to get love right I would still be single today or once again be existing in another unhealthy relationship.  

Your relationship experiences and current status are a reflection of your beliefs about yourself, and your beliefs about love.

 It’s an inside game, not a numbers game, when your self-worth and love vibration is low.

And this is what I want to teach you.

In my FREE training, “Single and Frustrated – How to find love when you feel like you have tried it ALL”, I will teach you how to shift your beliefs about love, raise your self-worth and confidence, and teach you how to date with intention so you can call in the man of your dreams. This training is a quick description of the exact step by step that I did to rapidly align myself with many potential husbands, quickly choose my now husband, and easily filter out all the “not my husbands”.

This is how you do it:

  1. Believe and trust that you can have Extraordinary Love
  2. Be a Woman of Worth and love
  3. Set an intention with a deadline.
  4. Know how to choose a man that will keep you happy, secure and fulfilled.
  5. Date in abundance
  6. Date with Integrity
  7. Stick to the plan
  8. Stay in your Feminine
  9. Choose your King
  10. Build the skills to nurture the healthiest, most loving Extraordinary Relationship you have ever experienced

The ideal woman that is ready for this training and to be ideally coached by me…..

  • Will not settle for mediocre results in her love life
  • Is determined to have love
  • Desires help from a mentor who understands her and is successful in love
  • Has always struggled to get love right
  • Is willing to acknowledge and push past her blocks and heal her heart
  • Values commitment
  • Values self-development work
  • Is willing to invest in her love education, growth and coaching
  • Is DONE being alone.

Finding love under your terms takes commitment and determination but it is also fun and enlightening! If you do the work and trust the process, you will get the results and have a blast doing it.  

Love can be fun and easy if you are following a strategy that works.  

So let me ask you,  

Are you determined to find love?  

Do you know you need help to find a great man who is ready for commitment?  

Are you willing to let go of everything that has been holding you back from having extraordinary love and try the formula that works?  

If your heart is saying YES, then I want to invite you to take the next step which is to listen to my free training “Single and Frustrated! How to find love when you feel like you have already tried it ALL!”

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This is your first step to transforming your success in love.

If you’re willing to put in the work, your KING is coming! The difference between those that will find extraordinary love and those that will not is that the ones who do will have committed to growth and doing things differently.  

Take control of your love life. Study love. Invest in love. Master love. Decide that your next relationship is going to be your best one, and your last one and learn how to make that a reality.

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