Is the clock ticking?

Do you fear that you messed up and waited too long? With each passing day are you getting more and more stressed out about meeting your guy? As confident as you are in life, are you feeling uncertain about how to actually go about finding your ideal man in a short period of time?

This is the frustration of millions and millions of career oriented, modern women today. You spent your 20’s acquiring your education and breaking into your dream career. You spent your 30’s working, building, accomplishing, climbing and succeeding and now 40 is here and reality has hit.

If you desire a biological family, it’s now or never. This is a tough reality to swallow since you have been able to control pretty much every other aspect of your life. You may have been a woman that always wanted children but the struggle was real. Things just never worked out as planned, and now you are worrying your lifelong dream of finding the love of your life and having a family may never happen.

You may be that woman that was so into her career and being an independent woman that having children was never that important. Perhaps you even said, “I don’t want children” a few times over the years…but then one day it hit. That fear of NOT having children, and a future of missing out on something life changing and beautiful. The switch has been flipped, your determination has kicked in and now it IS a priority.

Or perhaps you just are “open” to it. If it happens, wonderful. If it doesn’t, it’s ok. But you want the chance to “see” if it’s in your cards. And you won’t know if you don’t begin to take your dating and love life much more seriously.

I understand completely!

I spent my life very career focused. I had great success in the fashion industry designing multi-million dollar lines of clothing. I launched and run a successful life and love coaching business helping woman all over the world have amazing, abundant lives and find amazing men to settle down with. I also spent all my 20’s and 30’s dating men that were not my forever match, hence I never got married.

But when I turned 39 and was rapidly approaching 40, it was painfully obvious that…

So I committed to becoming successful at love. I read books, threw a national summit called “How to be a Man Magnet”. I interviewed top love and dating experts all across the world on what women need to do to find high quality, commitment minded men, and love in a modern world.

I got coached, went to seminars, I looked deeply inward, did all the exercises needed, strengthened where I was weak, became courageous where I was fearful, learned what I was doing wrong and to make a long story short  – I met my husband 6 weeks after turning 40 and we are currently trying for a baby!

So my biological clock ticking beauties…it is 100% possible to meet an incredible man in one year or less. But you need to move fast.  

Are you willing to make your love life your priority this year? Are you ready to unlock your heart, date differently than you ever have and do the work that will align you with the man that can start a family with you? Are you ready to learn the love attraction strategy that worked for me, my clients and will work for you?

If yes, then here is your next step…  

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