You are strong, confident, successful, smart, independent and stylish. You have this great career, a fun group of friends, money to spend and you take care of yourself. You should have attractive, high quality men lining up to date you and lock you down! You are their ideal woman!

So why are you still single? Why is it that with so many men out there, and you being open to meeting your one and only do you end up with guys like this:

Mentally unstable, emotionally unavailable, players, charming exciting successful womanizing narcissists, commitment phoebes, peter-pans, too young, too old, too busy, drinks too much, too weak, too self-absorbed, major baggage, too serious, too boring, doesn’t have his life together, insecure, self-obsessed, shady, in “transition”, not ready for a relationship, kind of “feminine”, not quite as tall as you like, not as muscular as you like, bad breath, omg did he just show up late, text me from his car he’s “here” and is wearing running shoes on our date?? It’s sad that I could have continued on and on with this list….

Being an alpha female myself and having been on about 1,000 dates in my lifetime, and quite a few long-term relationships I completely get it. Dating can be incredibly fun, entertaining and can teach you so much about yourself with what you want and don’t want.

Or it can be incredibly time wasting, disappointing, frustrating and lead you into truly believing you are going to have to settle or be alone forever.

Being a strong, capable female is a blessing in so many ways but when it comes to love it can actually sabotage your love success versus help it! As with anything, if you want success in love you need to prep, plan, practice and perfect.

I have spent half my life in relationships and the other half single. Currently I have exited the single and fabulous lifestyle and am nurturing and evolving within a new relationship with a really amazing guy. But it took me a while to get here. Let me tell you why.

I wasn’t as “ready” as I thought I was. I didn’t understand that the masculine energy I used to become successful, and that felt so empowering, was unattractive to men. I became incredibly “picky” (note: my list above). I was having so much fun dating I developed the fear of losing my freedom. I stopped “connecting” because I was dating too many men at a time and although I thought I was open and vulnerable, I was actually showing up guarded, subconsciously terrified of being hurt and emotionally unavailable.

All of these were problems that were stopping me from finding love. There is a certain way that you can skill up and learn to use your femininity and your past as a strength to become a man’s dream woman. There is also a method to become a better “chooser” and not waste your time with men that are not your match. Last but not least you need to be “ready for love”. When you get there – he will come.

So that being said, are ready to learn how to tap into your feminine essence, presence and power to attract and keep the man you desire? Are you ready to take control over yourself and your love life so you finally get the results you want? Are you ready to learn how to open up, receive and lead with love vs. fear so you can be treated like the amazing Queen that you are?? Are you ready to be able to shout from a rooftop “I am ready for love!” and know with 100% certainty that you really are this time?

If YES then here is your next step.

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