Did you know that who you date, and the way he treats you is a DIRECT reflection of your level of self-worth? Are you dating a guy that won’t commit to you or treats you with disrespect? Do the men you invest your energy into rarely invest theirs into you? Are you currently feeling used, angry, rejected, resentful or desperate in your love life? Do you not get it because you are actually a really GREAT CATCH??

Well I get it. I remember when I was single and dating, and I was hooked on this guy that I thought was everything. He was gorgeous, tall, fit, successful, had a beautiful home on the beach, had this adorable boyish charm, was conscious and intelligent and romantic and “seemed” to adore me.  We had a lot in common –  we “connected” on such an extreme level. I almost felt addicted to him and every time we saw each other I would be so excited to see him again. So I would wait…and wait…and wait…and like clockwork, every 3 weeks to a month I would get the same text “How are you? I miss you!”.

Even though I felt used. Even though I felt unimportant. Even though I was hurt and angry at the lack of consistency – I responded “Great! I miss you too!” and the cycle would continue. A passionate romantic date where I was treated like a Queen for one night a month. Ohhhhhhh lucky me!

I finally came to my senses, and as hard as it was to end this intoxicating relationship, I did. I remember driving away from his house for the last time saying, “I’m worth SO much more than this. Let’s go find you the man that realizes that Christine.” And now I’m with my husband Steve : ). The KING that treats me like a queen EVERY day.

I never saw that guy again. With every “I miss you text” he sent that I rejected, my self-worth increased. From that point on I only “allowed’ myself to be treated in a way that had me feel “valued” and “special”. Every time I walked away from a man that wasn’t living up to my “treatment expectations”, my worth went up.

This is when you have proven to yourself through your repeated choices and behavior that you are worthy of a KING. A king does not want a woman that was somebody’s booty call the night before. A woman that accepts crumbs from men, or a woman that has so little self-worth she is chasing a man, or putting up with a man that is giving her nothing. A king wants a woman of value. A woman he respects. A woman that knows her WORTH.

So let me ask you…Are you determined to find love? Are you ready to step into your QUEEN? Are you willing to let go of everything that has been holding you back from having extraordinary love and let me teach you how to raise your worth?

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The difference between those that will find extraordinary love this year and those that won’t are that the ones who do will have committed to growth.

Take control of your love life this year. Study love. Invest in love. Master love. Decide that your next relationship is going to be your best one, and your last one. Learn how to make that a reality. Don’t repeat your mistakes, learn from them. It all starts and ends with you.

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