woman moving out
This week I got a DM in Instagram from a woman who was very upset.  Her boyfriend of one year had asked her to move out.
She shared she was not eating and very sad about this turn of events. They had been dating for a year. She didn’t want to choose wrong AGAIN.
I know how that feels – the feeling of, “seriously?  Another relationship fail?  If I want to meet someone else, I have to do this all over again“?
How do I get past this?  She asked.
Here is what I advise, for all of you ladies out there who are punched in the gut by a breakup:
1.  Breathe.
2. Envision this as the best thing that ever happened to you. Keep that thought in your mind.  THIS GUY is not the guy who cherishes you.
3.  YOU ARE WORTH a relationship that makes you feel safe, beautiful and loved.
Now, I want you to focus on getting through every day and just holding those thoughts.  Repeat them as needed.
I walk women through the most important part of finding an extraordinary love – the healing process.  Figuring out why you are attracting and/or choosing wrong, and what goes wrong, so that you can choose differently in the future and have a different – MUCH BETTER – outcome.
The pain is real, but if you are actively choosing these healing thoughts, you will get over the WRONG guy more quickly, and you can begin the journey to move toward a loving, long lasting relationship.
xo Christine